The Book That Started It All


My personal philosophy for living a meaningful and free life. From personal experience, I give you the steps to living energetically, worry-free, and financially well-off in the Age of the Internet.


Packaged up into a 38 page eBook including a 30-day challenge at the end.

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Got it right here. Printed out to make notes.


No joke, this book had a big influence on my life. I hope more people can read through it.


Taylor Covington @codewithtaylor

  • Mind: Develop a worry-free mindset and focus on what truly matters. Many people miss the point of human existence.

  • Body: The basics of training and nutrition so you can live energetically and increase cognitive performance.

  • Bank Account: Online entrepreneurship is the way of the future (and the present). I will give you the first steps to take.

  • All Of The Above: Online entrepreneurship and personal development are one in the same. If one falls, the other falls with it.

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